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System capacity [required] LPD 60/80 degree Celsius .
System temperature output 60/80 degree Celsius.
Solar collectors Selectively coated.
Absorber fin material Copper
Header material Copper
Riser material Copper
Absorber coating Selective coated ‘NALSUN’
Box material Aluminum extrusion, ANODIZED for corrosive/Coastal/ Saline area protection
Collector insulation Rock wool pads for side & bottom.
Flanges Brass, round with four bolt holes.
Glass Toughened glass, 4mm thick
Sealing EPDM rubber
Gaskets EPDM rubber
Hardware Stainless steel screws
Reflector foil Aluminum, 50 microns
Box Dimensions 2025mm x 1040mm x 90mm
Aperture area 2.08 sq.m
Number of risers 9 nos
Header size 25.4 mm.
Protrusion inside the header 2mm
Connecting nuts, bolts & washers Stainless steel-304
Connecting gaskets EPDM. punched.
Collectors (Qty) required No’s
Protective Coating Aluminum ANODISED frames, with special coating.
Application Bathing
Circulation Thermo-syphon/Forced Circulation
Capacity [required] Liters
Material Stainless steel – 304
Insulating material-Tank Rock wool.
Insulation material density 48kg/m3
Water proof covering Hessian cloth with plastic lining
Insulation thickness 100mm
Cladding material Aluminum 24 swg
System piping G.I. "B" class
Pipe fitting ISI make
Valves Gunmetal
Insulation Rock wool Insulation
Material density 48Kg/m3
Insulation thickness 40mm
Cladding material Aluminum 26 swg
Systems capacity available 100 Liters to 1,00,000 liters per day.
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