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1  . What is GREENTEK Solar Water Heater? Why should I buy it?
The GREENTEK solar water heater uses the most trusted, time-tested copper tube & fin [flat plate collector] based technology, approved by MNRE [Ministry of New & Renewable Energy] and BIS [Bureau of Indian Standards]. It has the ability to heat the wate
2  . How much it costs me/us ?
It is very economical. A 100 LPD system will cost Rs. 20,000/- plus VAT@4% . i.e., Equivalent to the cost of 4 electrical geysers. The cost of the system goes down as The capacity goes up.
3  . What is the weight of the filled unit ? And how much space it occupies ?
A 100 LPD solar water heater weighs about 150 kgs. The unit is always full and since it is plumbed to a cold water source, it fills automatically as the hot water is drawn from it. It occupies about 2.5 square meters of your roof space and about 1.5 meter
4  . Is the system safe for children ?
Yes. The solar water heater is a pressure-free and concealed system plumbed to Maintain normal atmospheric pressure inside the system and thus it is safe & user-friendly.
5  . How is the cold water filled into the system and hot water drawn from it ?
The Solar water heater works on a principle called “Thermosyphon”[natural circulation] Due to density difference between the cold & hot water, the lighter hot water flows up into the Solar tank while the heavier cold water enters it. Solar radiation incid
6  . What are my annual savings if a solar water heater is installed instead of a electrical geyser ?
Please see the Cost-benefit Analysis here:
7  . Do you also manufacture commercial/industrial models as well ?
Yes. We do and government subsidy and soft loans are presently available. For details, contact us on our help line/e-mail.
8  . What is the life of the system & whether any maintenance is required?
Generally, the system’s life is estimated to be 20 years. Very minimal maintenance is required. Except cleaning of glass periodically, changing of rubber parts once in 5 years & flushing of the collectors and tank, there is no other maintenance Needed.
9  . Can we get hot water during winter and rainy seasons?
Yes. In our Indian conditions, particularly south and central India, the sky is very clear and we get Maximum solar radiation even during winter and rainy seasons. However, the systems are provided with electrical heater elements with thermostat for back-u.
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